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Discovering Miami

Little Havana, Miami, United States, January 2023

So after a great trip to Europe (links to pictures from Slovakia, Cyprus, Belgium and Poland), I am here in Miami for a very short visit. Just 2 days, transiting from Warsaw to Panama City.

It is a strange place, I think. On one side there are many things that I like about it. It is clean, and in many ways progressive (in a way that I like). The nature is stunning, and the sea and beaches are amazing. Then, what I really like is this unique feeling of the melting pot. One meets the people from everywhere, and the strong influence of the Latino and Caribbean culture is just so nice. In that sense, I really loved exploring the Cuban neighbourhood called 'Little Havana'. Charming, colourful and filled with nice people, also making you realise a tragic modern history of Cuba.

There there is also this part of Miami (or perhaps, it is the US) that scares me. When one passes the schools, one feels like looking at high security prisons or bunkers with security wires, fences, gates and cameras. Clearly, chilling reminder of the gun laws in force and consequences it has on lives of people, and the security in the country. I was also shocked to realise how deep rooted and important it is for people here to underline that they are 'the best'. We have 'the best economy', 'the best country', 'the most innovative cities'… one hears all the time. It is puzzling to listen to this, knowing that while the US definitely has its charms and attraction, it is also a country of people living in poverty beyond belief and economic inequalities not experienced in many countries, which theoretically are 'poorer' that the US.

In any case, I have enjoyed the stay altogether, trying to focus on things that I enjoyed rather than at things that irritated me. And a cherry on a cake was an unexpected reunion with my dear friend from Mexico, Charly, who happened to be visiting Florida for a short time!

I am off to Panama City tonight. Tomorrow, back to work at last. It has been a long holiday and I look forward to re-engage with my 'stable life'.

here comes a link to photos from visit to Miami. Enjoy the pictures!

The end of holidays!

Krakow Airport, Poland, January 2023

I really enjoyed my January holiday with family and friends in Europe a great deal. It has been quite hectic, but in a nice way. Except travelling to Poland (and around the southern part of the country), together with Mum, we spent a week in Cyprus and I had a day trip to Berdejov of Slovakia. I also went to Brussels for my periodic medical check-ups.

Literally everything went really well, was special and enjoyable. Long chats with Mum, visiting family and friends, going out for dinners, visiting sites around Poland, Cyprus and Belgium, and good outcome of the results from the medical tests.

Now, it is time to prepare to go back to the Americas. I will be travelling to Miami tomorrow (where I will meet some friends too), and then to Panama 3 days later, so that I can report back to the office on 1st February.

February will be a busy period at work with revisions of humanitarian projects for 2023, and a security training that I am planning to undergo in Bogota at the end of the month.

And then, somewhere looming, I will need to start thinking of my move to Venezuela… Time flies!

Here are links to some of the pictures from my holidays:

Slovakia, Cyprus, Belgium, Poland, USA

Going to Cyprus tomorrow!

Zrzut ekranu 2023-01-14 o 15.40.30
Flag of Cyprus

Together with Mum, we are off to Cyprus tomorrow. We are flying to Paphos from Krakow early morning, where we will stay for one week. We are going there to escape the cold and the winter primarily, but clearly we are very excited, because neither of us know the country/island yet! We are planning to have an easy time there (chilling), but surely, should be able to do some sightseeing of the island too!

My holiday in Europe has been going really well so far. I have visited friends and family in Nowy Sacz, and also travelled a bit (with Mum and her friend). We went to see Bardejov in Slovakia (
see pictures here), and then enjoyed sights of Nowy Sacz, Krynica, Krakow and villages in the Tatra Mountains in southern Poland (see pictures here). Surprisingly, the weather has been very generous to us, and despite lower temperatures, we had lots of sun, which makes such a difference!

I have enjoyed visiting my familiar sights very much and got reminded that I am very lucky to live around amazing places. Krakow is just stunning, Bardejov is charming and then the mountains… breathtaking! Good to know this part of Europe, which generally is less known in the world.

So a week in Cyprus for now, but then, I am still going to travel a bit. Right after Cyprus, I will be travelling (short work trip) to Brussels, and then few more days in Poland, during which I am planning to see friends in Warsaw. Finally, as a cherry on a cake, I am going to spend 2 days in Miami, on my way to Panama City.

I will be updating the photo albums along the way, so should you wish to look them up, do visit again!

Sending warmest greetings to all of you reading the message.

Spending time with family

Trzy Korony Shopping Centre, Nowy Sacz, Poland, January 2023

I am finally in Nowy Sacz again, staying with Mum, and enjoying meeting family members and friends, as well as moving around a bit, trying to see what's new in the region and revisit places that I like. The weather is unusually warm for January, however there is a bit of a winter feeling, which actually is a nice mix. It is an easy and relaxing time. I chat with Mum a lot at home, but we also get out a lot. We have already gone to Krynica, and Bardejov in Slovakia. Tomorrow, we are planning to go for a day trip to Krakow, and then on Sunday, we are flying to Paphos in Cyprus for a week. It is such a blessing to be able to enjoy time together! All very relaxing and nourishing, and the time at home makes me feel happy and help recharging batteries for new challenges.

There is still lots of excitement left for this holiday. As I mentioned, tomorrow, we will be in Krakow, and then on Sunday we are flying off to Cyprus. After that, I will be visiting Brussels (2 days for work), and then back to Nowy Sacz again. For the last bit, before returning to Panama, I should be having a chance to visit friends in Warsaw and then Miami.

I will soon be updating galleries online. Of course, you will be able to see links to the pictures in my '
Photo Section'.

Getting ready to travel to Europe

Reception at the Hilton Hotel, Rzeszow, Poland, April 2022

Christmas and New Year's Eve breaks are over. Luckily things were really quiet on a humanitarian front and I actually managed to get some rest after missions to Dominican Republic/Haiti border and Chile.

It is time now to think about preparing to travel to Europe. On Friday, I am taking a flight to Miami, and then off to Krakow via Warsaw. While in Europe, I will stay in Nowy Sacz for some days, and then with Mum we will travel to Paphos in Cyprus for around a week. After Cyprus, I will need to make it to Brussels for 2 days for some work related stuff, and then back to Poland for 3 days, probably visiting friends in Warsaw.

On a way to Panama, I will have 2 days in Miami, so that I can explore the South Beach and the Latin part of the city.

I am looking forward to the trip, even if Europe will be in the middle of winter. I hope to enjoy meeting family and friends and some new places I have not yet been to. As usual, I will be posting pictures in the digital albums, so stay tuned