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In Buenos Aires again!

DB8EC3A2-6C00-4833-A6EF-CECE34671AA0_1_105_cBuenos Aires, Argentina, February 2021

After weeks of preparations, I have managed to arrive to Buenos Aires! I flew to the city with a direct flight from Panama City. Despite some worries, the whole process was easy and friendly. The immigration, the health authorities were helpful and attentive, and reassuring, given all the challenges related to the pandemic.

The good news does not stop there. Today, I got the message from the Argentinian authorities that my quarantine obligation has been lifted, and as such, I am allowed to follow an unrestricted access to our projects and to 'Argentina in general'. This makes me happy, as in the afternoons/evenings I will be able to do some walks, and clearly, I will have all the opportunities to visit places of humanitarian concern in the capital, but also in the Province of Salta in the north.

So the plan now is that for the time being I am in Buenos Aires, but will travel to Salta the coming Wednesday, where I will spend a bit over a week visiting various indigenous communities.

More news to come soon, and in the meanwhile, sending you all my best regards!