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Sometimes, pictures tell more than written stories. Enjoy some of photos from various moments of my life, arranged in multiple galleries.

Humanitarian assessments in DPR of Korea

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_11d49Reports have reached us that DPR of Korea (DPRK) is hit by one of the worst food shortages in the history of the nation. Together with my colleague from Bangkok, we are travelled to the country to try having an understanding on the impact of these shortages on lives of ordinary Koreans.

DPRK remains to be one of the least accessible countries in the world and understanding its operating environment and challenges was difficult... especially taking into consideration that we only stayed there for one week.

The gallery shows some images from the trip. Some images are from villages, whereas some are taken in the capital of Pyongyang. Although we did not necessarily always were at liberty of taking photos of situations that we found worth documenting, I hope that you will enjoy some glimpses of this mysterious country.

A very short trip to the Philippines

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_11cceThis album shows the images of one of the last trips to the Philippines while working with ECHO in South East Asia. The Philippines is certainly my favourite part of Asia, and I always cherish moments in the country. I will will the place, but I hope I will keep on coming back in the future. Enjoy exploring the images!

Northern vibes

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_11b89The gallery of pictures from various places in Poland, Ukraine and Canada. January and February 2019 marks my winter holidays which I spend with Mum, my brother's family and Tahir. The gallery will be updated throughout 2 weeks, until I return back to Bangkok.

2019: My final year in Thailand

Time flies. I have already been in Thailand and Southeast Asia and the Pacific region for over four years.

2019 is my year of farewell. Around June/July, I will be departing the country.

This gallery will feature the pictures from my final months in Thailand. The gallery will be updated on regular basis, until my departure.

Response to humanitarian needs after Indonesia's tsunami in Java and Sumatra

I was meant to spend my Christmas in Bangkok, and the trip to the Philippines, as you may remember, was supposed to be the last on in 2018.

I should have known better… One never plans anything, if working in humanitarian sector. On 22nd December in the evening, a series of eruptions from Anak Krakatau Volcano tucked in between Java and Sumatra at Sunda Strait caused two large tsunami waves that hit the surrounding coastal areas of the two islands.

The waves devastated many of the villages. Some were completely swept away from surface. Well over 400 people were killed, thousands were injured, and over 25.000 people became homeless.

The pictures in the gallery show our mission to the affected areas. We tried to assess the needs that people had, and designed our own support in the way that is the most effective and expected by the people.

The mission proved to be challenging. Locations were difficult to reach, because of torrential rains, flooding, and difficult topography.

Despite the trip to the affected communities happening during 25th and 26th December, I enjoyed my Christmas. It was not what I had expected, it was not conventional, but being there with people, who have lost everything was special. I will always cherish these moments.

And here are some pictures for you to see, if you wish to have a look.

The last trip of the year 2018

After a very, very busy year (when it comes to travelling), the trip to the Philippines appears to be the last international trip of 2018.

The gallery shows the images of Baguio and Manila.

The visit to Baguio was related to my visit of the post-typhoon recovery projects that my organisation supports.

Then a trip to Manila involves a free weekend off (with some sightseeing)… and meetings with colleagues on workplaces for 2019!

Enjoy the pictures!

Archives: Iberian Peninsula with people that you love

September and October 2018 was very kind to me, when it comes to spending time with people that are important to me. First, I visited Tahir & friends in Toronto, then met with very dear friends of mine in Jakarta, after that in Warsaw, then with wonderful friends in Brussels, and finally I spend some time with Mum and my dear Polish neighbours in Obidos. If this was not enough, I am going to meet a wonderful friend from my high school in Singapore next weekend!

Spending time with friends and family is even more precious, when one visits beautiful places. Portugal and Spain are definitely some of the nicest countries on the planet, and there is no doubt that touring the sites with Mum and friends was very special.

Look up this link to have a glimpse of what we have seen and experienced.

Archives: Earthquake and tsunami in Lombok and Sulawesi of Indonesia

Please note that pictures in this gallery may be found disturbing or graphic to some viewers, as they present extreme destruction and humanitarian suffering.

On 28th September 2018, in the evening hours, Central Sulawesi of Indonesia was struck by the earthquake of 7.7 magnitude RS. The earthquake caused massive destruction in the City of Palu, and triggered a strong tsunami, as well as mudslides and phenomenon called ‘soil liquefaction’ across City of Palu, Sigu and in costal areas of Dongala. The Palu disaster follows the devastating earthquake that had hit the island of Lombok three months earlier. This gallery shows images of the destruction and humanitarian response to both of the crises (Palu and Lombok).

At the time of writing, the official figures suggest that at least 5,000 lost their lives and thousands people got injured (Sulawesi). However, it is clear that the number of people will increase dramatically, as more excavations are done. We all fear that the death toll could exceed 20,000 people.

The calamities caused apocalyptic destruction with ten of thousands houses being turned into rubble. Roads, electricity, water networks, hospitals, schools, shops, hotels are all destroyed or damaged.

The disaster has brought many people within Indonesia and some from outside of the country joining hands to help those surviving the disaster. But what is the most impressive is the solidarity and self-support of the families that survived themselves. People just do whatever they can to help one another - thus trying to cope with the loss of their loved ones or their possessions.

This gallery of pictures is a tribute to victims and survivors of this terrible tragedy, and to those doing whatever they can to help.
You can view pictures, by clicking this link.