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Introduction to Venezuela

Zrzut ekranu 2023-04-18 o 09.23.13
A flag of Venezuela pained on a face of a football supporter

I am back to Panama from my splendid holidays that I had in Portugal (see pictures here) and the Baltic countries (see pictures here). I had a great time, and enjoyed every moment of it. Visiting friends, enjoying fantastic weather of the Iberian Peninsula and discovering three new countries were very enjoyable and relaxing. I will remember the trip for a long time!

While I am still suffering from a jetlag, I am getting ready for my trip to Venezuela already. Tomorrow, I will be flying off to Caracas and will be in the country for 10 days. The main reason of my travel is to start my handing over process for my new job. You may remember that as of August this year, I will be moving to Venezuela to resume my duties as the organisation's head of office. Given the plans, it makes perfect sense for me to travel to the country now, so I get to know my new team, our operations, meet with partners and more importantly start understanding the humanitarian needs and context that we work in.

While in Venezuela, I will stay in Caracas, but also travel to project locations within the country. Needless to say that I am very excited with the prospects.

The trip to Venezuela reminds me that I am approaching my end of deployment here in Panama and that only a little over 3 months is left for me here. It is time to start arranging the practicalities of my move from here to my new home to be!

Enjoying Portugal and travelling to the Baltic Sea

Obidos, Portugal, April 2023

This is a very short entry to give you a short update from my trip to Europe.

My first part of the trip is about to finish. This is my last day in Portugal and tomorrow I am off to Latvia.

So, far I am having a wonderful time.
Enjoying spring in Portugal, and learning about how the Portuguese celebrate their Easter. The experience is even nicer, as I do it together with my friends.

Despite being really happy here, I am excited to be travelling to Latvia tomorrow. You may remember that I will be visiting Riga and southern part of Estonia within the next couple of days. I have never been to that part of Europe, and I am very much looking forward to an opportunity of discovering new places!

I will report on my adventures in the Baltic states soon!