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Province of Bahia is flooded


Sao Paulo, Brazil, February 2020

Some of you may have head of the devastating floods in Brazil's Bahia Province.

Given their extent and severity, we have decided that I will be going to Brazil tomorrow to make an assessment of the humanitarian needs and work out ways to support the communities and the government at the response.

I will be trying to report to you when I can. In the meanwhile, I hope, we all have a wonderful 2022!

An unexpected trip to Brussels

Brussels, Belgium, May 2019

I should have learnt by now that my work is full of unexpected!

It just turns out that I need to travel to Brussels urgently to be able to deal with the extension of my EU service passport. We hoped that I could deal with it remotely, here from Panama, without needing to travel, but it was not meant to happen. As a result, I am all packed and ready to fly to Belgium today.

It will be an ultra short trip, and will already be flying back to Panama on Wednesday.

The rest of December will be as exciting. On 15th December, I am setting off to Buenos Aires, where I will be travelling for work for 2 weeks, which also means that I will spend my Christmas in Argentina - and this is definitely an experience to look forward to!