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Good bye, Thailand

Athenee Tower, Bangkok. The building where my office is located

So it all happened. I returned my work laptop, handed over the office keys, and left the Athenee Tower building for the last time. My Thailand life chapter is coming to the end. Tomorrow, I am flying out of the country.

My last days in the office was really nice. I managed to finish all of my pending tasks, and then met with colleagues a bit less formally to offer them my appreciation and thank them for the common time, we spent together.

In the evening, some of my colleagues, and friends from other walks of life, and I went to a small bar in the neighbourhood to have a glass of wine. It was a splendid evening, full of laughter and memories of the Thailand time. I will have very fond memories of the country and my time here!

Now it is time to travel home to Poland, to meet Mum, Tahir (who got his visa), family and friends!

Thank you, Thailand! Thank you, beautiful people. I will miss you, but I hope to be able to visit again!

Muay Thai experience

My last week in Thailand brought me a rather unexpected experience. Last Sunday, I ended up going for a Muay Thai fight… Yes, I am as surprised, as you may be. I am not a fan of fights of any kind (including sports), but then, I promised that I would see this traditional Thai game before leaving the country. As promise is a promise, we did go…

Although, I was not necessarily impressed with the show itself, I was very surprised how international and popular this sport is. There were spectators from all over the world, and the competitors represented all continents of the globe. It felt very international and lively, and I enjoyed and appreciated it. I even met a contestant from Portugal and I chatted with him in Portuguese too. This definitely added to the charm of the evening!

Today, it is Tuesday evening already, and I am finishing my last practical arrangements before leaving Thailand on Sunday. It is a bit stressful to leave all the people that I like behind, but then I am excited to travel to Nowy Sacz, and I am looking forward to starting my new chapter of life in Panama City.

Last weekend in Bangkok

A mural at one of the many narrow streets of Bangkok's China Town

It is Saturday morning, and I am having my coffee. Looking outside of my bedroom window, and realising that it is one of the last time that I am enjoying that view. It is my last weekend in Bangkok… Next Saturday at this time, my bags will be done, and I will be ready to travel.

What happens in a week, happens in a week… I am planning to have some good time beforehand. It is raining a lot these days, so perhaps, I will need to be flexible, but the plan is to spend lots of my free time in Bangkok's China Town, and also eastern parts of the city, where the canals are. The modern Bangkok is impressive, but it is the older parts, less tidy, and more chaotic that I like much more. I would like to leave this city with the memory of what I like, and hence the choice of spending time in the old part.

The eruptions of volcanoes in Papua New Guinea put some last challenges on me professionally. As I write this post around 15,000 needed to flee their homes, out of the fear that their homes could be destroyed by hot lava and ashes coming from the fuming mountains. As it goes with volcanoes, it is difficult to predict, which way things will go… The situation can develop into something really tragic, but then the eruptions can stop too, and things may well go back to their 'normal'. Hope the latter is going to be the case.

Attack on refugees in Libya: all governments of the EU are co-responsible for the death of the innocent people

refugees welcome
I got really shaken by the this news today… The death toll and the injuries of the people is shaking… not only because this tragic situation happened in the first place, but also, because it is the policies of the European Union's member state governments (all of the governments of the EU, without any exception) towards the refugees, and fear mongering, which are largely to blame for the death and suffering of so many… I feel ashamed to be European today, I feel outraged that we are not doing what it takes to protect those we should be helping unconditionally and without hesitation… Very sad!

Ready, steady, go...

My Bangkok flat is empty… I have packed everything, and my stuff is already on the way to Panama City. Today, I have signed my new deployment contract for Latin America and Caribbean, and I received my farewell presents from the team in Bangkok… It is really hitting me now, it is time to go. I will be in the plane, of the way to Warsaw in 12 days! New chapters of life will begin.

We have just heard form the Consulate of Poland in Toronto that Tahir's Schengen visa should be ready soon. He may not get a right to visit all the Schengen countries, but it seems like there should be no problem for him to visit Poland at least. This is really exciting. I can't wait for the reunion with him, with Mum and my family in Nowy Sacz!

I will be keeping you all updates, how my last days in Thailand go, and also, will send the report from Europe, before I travel to Panama City.