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August 2022

Testing my sanity

Embassy of Poland to Panama, Panama City, August 2022

Yesterday, I needed to visit the Polish Consulate in Panama to file the application for my new passport. The one that I am having now is running out of pages. It was a nice experience. A super friendly Consul dealt with me professionally, efficiently and with a smile! Really appreciated it.

I am very uneasy about the politics in Poland for last few days. After some weeks of ease, and hope that finally our politicians came to senses (at least to some extent), last few days remind me brutally that there is so little I agree with when it comes to European policies of my own government, and linked to that to the government's perception of what justice, or rule of law is. Listening to some of my home politicians is not only revolting, but also scary and leaves so many of us, Poles uncertain about which direction the country will go. I absolutely hate it, as the present regime seems to be questioning the very basic arrangements that the country has been trying to fit into for last 30 years or so. Perhaps, I have too little tolerance to this kind of politics making, but here we go, I feel unhappy and disappointed, yet again. Can't wait for the next general elections. Perhaps, things will not change for the better, but perhaps they will. One more year to go!

In order to ease my frustrations related to politics, I am arranging my next trip to Argentina. If all goes according to plan, I would be going there in September. The trip is to visit the projects that we participate in. As usual, I would visit Buenos Aires, and the northern provinces of the country, south of the border with Paraguay. This time around, I am also looking at the option of taking a week extra and arrange for a holiday too. If this works, I would like to travel southwards and perhaps to Uruguay, which I do not know yet. Will keep you updated on how the preparations go.

Moving homes

Views from a balcony of the flat that I hope to be renting soon, Panama City, Panama, July 2022

It seems I will be moving soon. It is a bit of a sweet-bitter feeling. I love my present flat here in the Old Town of the city, but my flat has defeated me. Constant problems with leakages during storms and thus never ending reparation teams coming and going (and never fixing the problem properly) forced me to take a decision to go.

I will be leaving at the end of August and moving into the part of the city that is filled with modern looking sky-scrapers. No, it is not that pretty as the old town, and it is far less charming, but it has its perks too. For a start, despite all the skyscrapers, it is a quieter part of city and it is quite green. The flat is just a walking distance to super markets, and great restaurants. I will also balcony literally facing the Pacific Ocean, with some amazing views. Finally, I will have a bathtub and a shower, and yes, I am very excited to be able to have hot baths from time to time! All in all, despite a bit sad to be leaving my little haven in the Colonial City, I am now ready to move, and will concentrate on things that are nice there!

In any case, come and visit, when you have a chance!