welcome to romanmajcher.eu Currently in Panama City, Panama

Change of plans


Changes in my professional related travel for weeks to come: postponing a trip to Honduras for sometime, but travelling to Venezuela in November and Ecuador in December.
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Life is a journey that is difficult to comprehend


Dealing with my disappointment at the results of the parliamentary elections in Poland.

Worrying humanitarian developments in Ecuador.

Preparing for a visit to Toronto and Obidos.
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Panama City apartment ready!


My apartment in Panama City's Casco Viejo is ready for living in and receiving guests after weeks of preparations.
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Work adjustments


Reviewing job responsibilities: resuming the responsibilities for projects in Brazil and Argentina.

Getting ready to visit Tahir in Toronto as well as my Portuguese home.

Parliamentary elections in Poland, and time of taking decisions on whom I would like to support when casting my vote next weekend.
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Visiting Honduras

Hondueas flag

Plans of visiting Honduras in October to discuss the country's preparedness to respond to potential natural disasters, which are likely to affect the country.
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