Now in Panama City, Panama

Photo album of a recent trip to Brazil, featuring on areas affected by floods, but also Salvador and Sao Paulo


A photo report from the trip to Bahia Province of Brazil, affected by severe flooding at the end of 2021 and first days of 2022.

Pictures from Salvador and Sao Paulo: while transferring to and from flood affected areas.

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Facing the disaster


Grasping the scale and severity of the flood in Bahia Province of Brazil.

Preparing recommendations for the response to the crisis, while getting ready to leave for Sao Paulo and then back to Panama City.

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Province of Bahia in Brazil is flooded


As Bahia Province is flooded, we are arranging an emergency mission to determine humanitarian needs and work out the best way to support the communities in stress.

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Photos from the trip to Buenos Aires and Province of Salta of Argentina


Pictures from Argentina's capital Buenos Aires, as well as municipalities in northern part of the country, in Salta Province. Lots of images and videos from the trip and… tango!

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A new photo album from Brussels


Some pictures from my recent trip to Brussels, the capital city of Belgium.

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