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Currently in Bangkok, Thailand

Los Angeles advice needed urgently!
What shall I do in Los Angeles for 8 hours, when transferring flights?
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Leaving Thailand in a month
Only one month to go before leaving Thailand.
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First phase of picture transfer is now completed
First phase of transferring pictures to the Google Pictures platform has now been completed.
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Ciudad del Saber
Ciudad del Saber in Panama City and preparations for leaving Bangkok and Asia.

Missions to Indonesia and the Philippines are now confirmed. Travelling to Jakarta in two weeks and to Manila at the end of June.

Waiting for Tahir's Schengen visa to be approved.

Updates on transferring picture galleries to 'Google Picture' platform.
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Farewells and goodbyes
Arranging for goodbye parties, and shopping for packing materials to get my shipment for Panama City ready to be picked up.

Planning for my last trip to Indonesia and the Philippines.

A surprise visitor to Bangkok to come before I leave the country.

Tahir's visa application for Schengen countries is already in process.

Ideas on how to kill 9 hours in Los Angeles are needed!
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