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Now in Panama City, Panama

New gallery of pictures from Mexico

New pictures from Mexico's capital, Mexico City, and Aguascalientes as well as Guanajuato.

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Migration is a human right


Enjoying Mexico City, its charms and above all its openness.

Excited about prospects of visiting Carlos and his family in Aguascalientes (northern part of the country).

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Travelling to Mexico in a week


Travelling to Mexico for the first time. Will be visiting the capital, Mexico City, as well as Aguascalientes and its surroundings, in the central/northern part of the country.

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Waiting games


Waiting for my second dose of COVID-19 vaccines puts my professional plans on hold.

Family in Poland and Canada have received their vaccinations against the coronavirus.

The tensions between Palestine and Israel risk further senseless suffering of people.

Hoping for a peaceful resolution to events of recent violence in Colombia.

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Street dancing


Celebrations of various national and international holidays.

Post COVID-19 optimism and happiness on the streets of Panama City.

Planning for and preparing for work related and personal trips and adventures.

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