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Currently in Panama City, Panama

Poland virtually


Preparing to for my Easter time in Panama, rather than with the family in Poland
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Tragedy of Ecuador!


Tragedy of Guayaquil in Ecuador

Global solidarity is the only tool that we have when trying to limit the scale of the apocalypse that is about to take place in some of the Latin American and African countries
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Happy April Fools' Day!


I could not think of a prank, so I thought I would show you a photo of me from 2007!
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How my plants are saving me during my lockdown
Considerations of the person in the lockdown!
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The house arrest continues
6D3C883D-753A-4C14-A9E5-DCA21CD7B8CC_1_105_cPanama and Latin America dealing with COVID-19

Worries and frustrations deriving from the total lockdown
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