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Now in Caracas, Venezuela

Visiting Japan

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Tickets booked, and I am ready for my spring holiday!

Plans to visit Mum in Nowy Sacz, with whom will travel to Japan.

A quick visit to Istanbul, on the way back to Caracas.

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Caracas, my favourite city in America


My take on why I like Caracas: a brief guide of the city.

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A mesmerising walk


Easter walk impressions.

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Reflections on my recent trip to Europe


Participating at the European Humanitarian Forum produce gloomy reflections on the humanitarian situation in the world.

Meetings at my headquarters, meeting friends and city breaks in Europe.

Gearing up for busy weeks of work in Caracas.

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A new photo album from my European trip


Album from my meetings within the European Humanitarian Forum, meetings in my head office, but also sightseeing and socialising in Brussels, Luxembourg and Lille.

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