Now in Panama City, Panama

Pictures from the humanitarian mission to Chile
Pictures from Santiago de Chile, as well as northern towns of Arica, Iquique, Colchane, and Antofagasta documenting the humanitarian (migration) crisis in the country.

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Finishing my quarantine


Trying to keep busy during seven day long quarantine in Santiago de Chile.

Getting ready for the trip to the north of the country. Plans of visiting asylum seekers from Venezuela and Haiti.

Tickets bought and getting ready for holidays in Toronto!

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Newsletter from above the clouds


Travelling to Chile to learn about the humanitarian situation of the Venezuelans migrants in the country.

Update on holidays in Portugal and Poland.

Getting excited by the prospect of having hearing aids.

Considering plans for following plans of the year.

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Preparing for a trip to Chile


Preparing for a trip to Chile, to work with humanitarian partners on solutions to problems of Venezuelan asylum seekers.

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Energised and back to work! Making plans for weeks to come


Catching up with outstanding work that accumulated during my holiday.

Planning next working missions to the field with Chile, Brazil and Argentina being on top of my lists at the moment.

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