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Now in Panama City, Panama

Five months under quarantine, as the lockdown continues


The spread of COVID continues to be uncontrolled in Panama, and the country appears to be failing in provision of protection that would shield its residents from the economic catastrophe and mental health fallout.

The results of the first round of presidential elections in Poland does not look optimistic, as far-right and nationalistic candidates score remarkably well
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World Refugee Day


The message on my own refugee experience, written to friends on the occasion of the World Refugee Day
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Rainy season, rainy mood


Having quite and melancholic days, as rainy season continues and much of my challenges remain unresolved
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When the medicine seems to be worse than the disease is it supposed to cure


Protests spread around the country, as people become tired of the lockdown and curfews.

The European Union has announced its plans for reopening its internal and external borders at last!

The presidential election campaign in Poland is gearing up and proves to be extremely aggressive and poorly informative when it comes to understanding the candidates' policy plans
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Preparing for the presidential elections in Poland


Completing my registration to be able to vote for the Polish Presidential elections on 28th June 2020.

Living under the full lockdown, due to COVID-19 movement restrictions in Panama City
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