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Now in Panama City, Panama

Street dancing


Celebrations of various national and international holidays.

Post COVID-19 optimism and happiness on the streets of Panama City.

Planning for and preparing for work related and personal trips and adventures.

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Vaccinations and plans for coming weeks


Getting my first dose of anti-COVID-19 vaccine tomorrow!

Plans for work trips to Honduras, Saint Vincent and Grenadines, as well as hopes to be able to visit friends and family in Europe and Canada.

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New pictures from Manuel Antonio, Quepos and La Fortuna of Costa Rica


Some latest pictures from my recent holiday trip to Costa Rica, where I visited Manuel Antonio, Quepos and La Fortuna.

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Time to travel to Costa Rica

As tiredness kicks in, I have a chance to visit Costa Rica again.

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A gallery of pictures from Santiago de Chile, and provinces in northern part of the country

A new picture gallery from my mission to Santiago de Chile, as well as northern Chile, areas around the borders with Bolivia and Peru, which are currently home to the migration crisis (influx of people fleeing from Venezuela).

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