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Now in Panama City, Panama

News from Washington DC


Meetings in Washington DC, but also some free time to walk around and explore the new city.

My first return to Panama City, since moving to Venezuela.

Travel plans for Brussels.

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A busy Carnival


Busy reading project proposals from partners for interventions in Venezuela.

Good news after the health check-up.

Getting ready for my work trip to Washington DC.

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Working for Venezuela


Analyses of humanitarian proposals and planning for our work in Venezuela for 2024 and beyond.

Travelling for work to Washington D.C. and Brussels.

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A new photo album with pictures of Cartagena de Indias


A week in Colombia's Cartagena de Indias has brought an opportunity to explore the amazing city and get to know some really great people.

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Travel plans


A visit to Colombia's Cartagena on the Caribbean Coast of the country.

Possible project visits within Venezuela.

Participation in the European Humanitarian Forum in Brussels.

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