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Now in Panama City, Panama

Plans for first weeks of 2021


Plans for humanitarian missions to Argentina, Chile and Honduras.

Arranging for a visit to Portugal.

Trying to ensure to find a way to meet with Tahir

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New Year and new beginnings (hopefully)


Greetings and best wishes for a good 2021

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New gallery of pictures from Panama


As 2021 has started, I am opening a new gallery of pictures from Panama, which will be updated throughout the year

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Merry Christmas and Happy 2021


End of year message and greetings from Christmas and New Year

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Preparing for Christmas


Working on finalising issues deriving from my mission to Honduras.

Following up on the situation of the indigenous populations and migrants in Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Panama, as their well-being is severely compromised by the pandemic.

Preparing my Christmas/New Year message to be sent out to friends
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