Now in Brussels, Belgium

An unexpected trip to Brussels


Bags packed, and ready to leave for Belgium tonight.

Christmas in Argentina!

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New picture gallery with images from the November trip to Ontario


As the recent trip to Mississauga, Toronto and southern part of Ontario reaches its end, here come the pictures documenting the visit to Tahir and friends.

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Update from a visit to Canada


The break in Ontario is finishing as I am heading back to Panama City.

Update on activities with Tahir and friends in Toronto and beyond.

Preparing for the receipt of my new hearing aids soon!

Getting ready for the humanitarian mission to northern Argentina.

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Packing bags!


Packing bags and getting ready for 12 days of autumn holidays with Tahir and friends in Canada.

Preparing for my Portuguese language exam to be held in Toronto.

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Pictures from the humanitarian mission to Chile
Pictures from Santiago de Chile, as well as northern towns of Arica, Iquique, Colchane, and Antofagasta documenting the humanitarian (migration) crisis in the country.

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