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Now in Panama City, Panama

Thair's visit


Tahir is visiting Panama, and we are preparing to celebrate the beginning of Ramadan together.

Humanitarian disasters in Paraguay, Peru and Ecuador keep us busy!

Preparing for my April visit to Europe.

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A new photo album from an emergency mission to Gran Chaco


Northern part of Paraguay, as well as parts of Brazil get severely hit by rains and resulting floods in the area referred to as Gran Chaco. The album shows images from my trip to the affected areas, as well as some pictures from my transfer through Asuncion and other towns in Paraguay.

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An emergency mission to Paraguay


Flash floods are affecting indigenous communities of Paraguay.

Travelling to Asuncion for an emergency mission this coming Friday.

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Reflections on the training in Colombia


Reflections on HEAT training in Colombia.

Getting ready to welcome Tahir in Panama.

Monitoring the humanitarian situation in Paraguay, as the floods continue to affect communities in northern part of the country.

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A new photo album from Colombia


Photos from Medellin and surroundings, during my week-long security training.

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