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Now in Panama City, Panama

Updates for friends


Newsletter: reflections on Ukraine and Brazil, as well as updates from recent travels and plans for weeks to come.

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Enjoying the nature


Enjoying a day in nature of El Valle de Anton, west of Panama City.

Finalising administrative work on the anticipated 'flood-response' projects, following the deployment in Brazil's Recife.

Getting ready for a deployment to Bogota, and planning for a week in Pereira.

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Working in Brazil


As flash floods ravish north-eastern parts of Brazil, forcing people to flee their homes and causing death to nearly 130 people, the humanitarian agencies join their forces to bring assistance to those who may need it the most.

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Photo album from Recife of Brazil, showing the drama of people affected by floods and landslides


Pictures showing the assessment of humanitarian needs after the devastating floods and landslides in and around of Recife.

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An unexpected trip to Recife


Severe rains have caused devastating flooding and landslides in northeastern part of Brazil, prompting my humanitarian deployment to Recife and the affected areas.

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