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Now in Panama City, Panama

Time to travel to Costa Rica

As tiredness kicks in, I have a chance to visit Costa Rica again

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A gallery of pictures from Santiago de Chile, and provinces in northern part of the country

A new picture gallery from my mission to Santiago de Chile, as well as northern Chile, areas around the borders with Bolivia and Peru, which are currently home to the migration crisis (influx of people fleeing from Venezuela)

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The mission in Chile is nearly complete


Two weeks in Chile, learning about hardships of Venezuelan refugees, trying to start their new lives in the country

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New gallery of pictures from Argentina


New picture from Argentina's capital, Buenos Aires, as well as various towns and villages of the Province of Salta in the north of the country

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In Buenos Aires again!


A good, safe and efficient trip from Panama to Argentina.

As the quarantine is being lifted, I am allowed to carry out my humanitarian mission with fewer restrictions

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