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Now in Caracas, Venezuela

New photo album from Avila Hills


Photos from a Sunday walk around the National Park of Avila, just outside of Caracas. An amazing wealth of fauna and flora, at the doorstep of the capital city.

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Newsletter: Greetings from Caracas


Reflections on my first month in Caracas and on Venezuela in general, recollections from the summer, and update on Tahir in Canada.

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Three weeks have passed in Caracas


Settling into my new life in Caracas.

Getting to know my new work responsibilities in Venezuela.

Preparing for my welcoming party prepared by my colleagues!

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First moments in Venezuela


First moments in Venezuela after an amazing holiday in Europe and in Madagascar.

Links to photo galleries from my summer, as well as to a new Venezuela album.

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A new photo album with images of Lisbon


Pictures from Lisbon, when transferring between Krakow and Caracas.

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