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Muay Thai experience

My last week in Thailand brought me a rather unexpected experience. Last Sunday, I ended up going for a Muay Thai fight… Yes, I am as surprised, as you may be. I am not a fan of fights of any kind (including sports), but then, I promised that I would see this traditional Thai game before leaving the country. As promise is a promise, we did go…

Although, I was not necessarily impressed with the show itself, I was very surprised how international and popular this sport is. There were spectators from all over the world, and the competitors represented all continents of the globe. It felt very international and lively, and I enjoyed and appreciated it. I even met a contestant from Portugal and I chatted with him in Portuguese too. This definitely added to the charm of the evening!

Today, it is Tuesday evening already, and I am finishing my last practical arrangements before leaving Thailand on Sunday. It is a bit stressful to leave all the people that I like behind, but then I am excited to travel to Nowy Sacz, and I am looking forward to starting my new chapter of life in Panama City.