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Ready, steady, go...

My Bangkok flat is empty… I have packed everything, and my stuff is already on the way to Panama City. Today, I have signed my new deployment contract for Latin America and Caribbean, and I received my farewell presents from the team in Bangkok… It is really hitting me now, it is time to go. I will be in the plane, of the way to Warsaw in 12 days! New chapters of life will begin.

We have just heard form the Consulate of Poland in Toronto that Tahir's Schengen visa should be ready soon. He may not get a right to visit all the Schengen countries, but it seems like there should be no problem for him to visit Poland at least. This is really exciting. I can't wait for the reunion with him, with Mum and my family in Nowy Sacz!

I will be keeping you all updates, how my last days in Thailand go, and also, will send the report from Europe, before I travel to Panama City.