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An emergency mission

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, July 2022

In a slightly unexpected manner, I have just found out that tomorrow I will need to be flying to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic with an emergency mission.

There is a severe humanitarian crisis caused by the detentions and deportations of Haitian migrants in the entire country. The problems are exacerbated by a very difficult situation in Haiti itself. All in all, as you can imagine thousands of people are left in a desperate situation with massive protection and humanitarian needs.

My job, during the mission is to learn about the severity and scale of the challenges and support the humanitarian responders in their efforts to lessen these stresses. Except Santo Domingo, I will be traveling to the border with Haiti as well.

I will be finishing my mission on Saturday, just in time to travel to Santiago de Chile,
as already reported to you in my last post. Wish me luck! I will be reporting soon!