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Good bye Europe, hello America!

9073E7C2-640E-4495-82CB-021D48353141Warsaw Chopin Airport, Poland, May 2022

I owe you a short update after a longer period of silence.

I have just arrived back to Panama, after a longer stay in Europe: mixture of a family visit, touristic wonders explorations and a humanitarian deployment to Ukraine
Gallery 1: Poland, Romania and Slovakia; Gallery 2: Ukraine, Slovakia and Poland; Gallery 3: Poland and Slovakia; Story 1: a short story from Lviv).

I really enjoyed the stay in Europe, even if the emotions were mixed. Despite Ukraine being an amazingly beautiful and friendly country, no-one is comfortable in experiencing all the violence and misery that the country is going through at the moment. What I will remember from the trip is the warmth of family and friends, and thousands of ordinary people on the streets in all of the countries I visited, determined to be nice and as helpful as possible to one another. It was an incredible feeling that overwhelmed me and made me very happy.

Now, after a very long journey back, I am sitting in may flat in Panama City, and try reflecting on the war in Ukraine, which perhaps affects me a bit more personally, as it is close so close to my home; but also attempting to re-enter to my professional and personal life in the Americas. As you can imagine, I am busy in reading all the pending emails, planning my activities here in the country, and also new trips, which surely will bring some excitements and adventures and provoke new reflections.

I will keep you posted on things to come, and in the meantime, sending greetings to you all. Please stay safe, wherever you happen to be!