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Archives (30th November 2017): It is cold, it is white. Must be Poland at winter

It was not a planned trip, but here I am in Poland, on the way to see my mother and on the way to pay my tribute to my father, who passed away 5 days ago.

Feeling incredibly sad to be travelling home and to know that I will not meet this man, that we are not going to crack a joke together, or get frustrated at the politicians. Feeling sad that I will not hear from him that he was proud of my work, and what I do. Then I also feel a sense of a relief. Last few weeks he suffered tremendously. The cancer indeed conquered his whole body, and it was very painful to see him suffer so much, knowing that we could not do much. It is good that he does not need to feel pain anymore.

Finally, I am excited to be able to see Mum and spend time with her, and make sure that she remembers that I love her beyond reasonable and beyond words!

Life is good. It is sad at times, but life is good!