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Archives (4th May 2015): New Website

As promised, here come a slightly refreshed version of my pages. At this stage (May 2015), lots of resources are unfinished, and are ‘under construction’. While I am sorry for inconvenience, I hope that the site will be fully operational soon.

You will have noticed that while much on the site remains the same, there are some modifications. The main addition is a section on immigration to Poland. The changing times: economic situation in the world and in Poland, as well as demographic developments started processes that we would never imagine that could take place: immigration to Poland. This new, for us, phenomena is full of opportunities, but also cause a considerable uneasiness among many Poles. I find all of these processes extremely interesting and worth some attention - hence this section.

I hope that you will enjoy new and refreshed website! Warmest greetings to all!