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Enjoying family, friends and nature in Poland

Beskid Sadecki Range, Krynica, Poland, October 2020

The trip from Spain to Poland went uneventful, and this is wonderful news.

I am now in Nowy Sacz with my mother, and have already seen my brother and some of my neighbour friends. I feel at ease doing so, as I appear to be healthy and without any symptoms of COVID for well over a week now (this was precisely why I decided to carry out the self-imposed quarantine in Krakow).

The weather here in the south of Poland is wonderful. It is a bit chilly, but then the sky is blue, there is lots of sunshine, and the early autumn colours of the tree leaves make everything look magic.

I am still teleworking this week, and only starting my holiday as of this weekend that is coming. No idea what we will be doing yet, but surely when the plans are clearer, I will all let you know.

In the meanwhile, in case you were interested, here are some pictures from
Madrid & Toledo and under this link from Krakow, which I took, on the way to Nowy Sacz. I will not surprise you by writing that I am planning to share with you more photo galleries from the south of the country in some days as well.