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Archives (28th February 2018): Being exhausted

I do not remember when I felt so physically exhausted, as I am feeling now. The trip to the Pacific took lots of my energy as it was a very hectic and busy experience. Returning to Thailand - the time zone that is 6 hours behind did not help either. I feel sleepy and tired! The good news is that we have got a long weekend here starting tomorrow, and I will be able to rest a little. The plan is to drive north to the ancient city of Sukhothai, and stay there for three nights, enjoying sights and doing pretty much nothing - as much as only possible. I love travelling to places with historic buildings, so I am sure that a place that appears on the UNESCO Heritage should make me happy!

After returning from the north, I will have a busy week. Monday and Tuesday in Bangkok, finalising technical details of my trip to the Pacific, and then on Wednesday off to Jakarta of Indonesia, where I will be working on issues relating to urban refugees in South East Asian countries, and participate in talks with colleagues from International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) on humanitarian access across countries in Asia. Very interesting and important, given that more often than not it is difficult to reach people in humanitarian distress. Lack of access often relates to physical obstacles (blocked roads, lack of transport, etc.), but also to lack of willingness from authorities to allow humanitarians witness the suffering of the residents they are in charge of. We will be discussing how to go about such obstacles in an effective and safe way.

We do have some more progress on Tahir’s application to move to Canada. When I was in the Pacific, he was invited to collect his biometric data, so that he could later be issued travel documents: one more step towards the end of the process!