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The world is turning mad, and rightly so...


The situation in Lebanon is getting out of control of the politicians, as the people of Beirut and other towns in the country overwhelmingly demand drastic changes. Chile is experiencing a very similar situation, however, sadly, it turns out to be much more violent and resulting with death of protesters. The people of Quito and other towns in Ecuador are fed up and displeased with their government too. Bolivia is in the middle of their presidential elections, and things do not look rosy… quite a contrary, all complicates and the people are boiling. The Brits are protesting in huge numbers against the lies of their own political elite and flood the streets of London. Barcelona is witnessing one of the gravest crisis in the recent history. I am not even going to mention Hong Kong, Syria and Turkey. And then there are ongoing wars that seem not be wanting to stop… South Sudan, Venezuela, Mindanao…

Things in the world are worrying. Disparities between 'haves' and 'non-haves', the greed, the abuse of out resources and the 'mother nature' are getting out of control. I fear that, we are at the point where things have gone so far that we are not going to be able to manage our problems in an evolutionary manner… Revolution seems to be coming, and it feels scary, but also feels right. The world is not just for far too many people. Yet, as all rapid and potentially uncontrolled changes are scary, this worries me… Then, I am also beginning to accept that perhaps there is no any other way but a big shake-up? Yes, we may all get a hit, a big hit, but perhaps, we deserve it, and we just need to go through a very serious crisis, to get something positive coming out of it?

I feel a bit overwhelmed by what I see, but then I also feel okay with whatever may be coming. My optimistic side still hopes that we get to senses, and that we still can avoid the disaster, but I admit, this hope is waning… it is waning every day, every hours.

Any positive thoughts? Anyone?