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Archives (18th August 2018): Free at last

A copy of today’s email update to friends:

'Dear Friends,

Finally comes the message that I have wanted to write to you for a long, long time. Tahir is safe, sound and well in Toronto 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦!

Last weeks in Thailand were difficult, and the detention was very tough, it really was and we are very proud that Tahir cleared it with so much courage, grace, patience and dignity. Very well done!

On the other hand, the departure from Thailand was much easier (logistically) than expected. Here I would like to underline how wonderful and helpful were the staff members of the IOM (International Organisation for Migration). Not only they were professional, but extremely sensitive to the needs of their ‘clients’ (there were some other people, who were resettled with Tahir – on the same flight out of Bangkok). I have lots of appreciation and respect for them!

Next impressive anecdote was at the airport of Toronto. When the Canadian immigration officer asked Tahir whether he had ever been arrested or committed a crime, Tahir confirmed. A puzzled officer looked to his computer again, and did some more research. He then pushed back: ‘but our files indicate that you had no criminal record’. Tahir then explained that he had been detained by Thai immigration for being illegal in Thailand. When the officer heard it, he just smiled and reassured Tahir that it was not his (Tahir’s) fault and this was not considered a crime, but rather an act of abuse against his rights to be protected. He also asked him not to ever answer ‘yes’ to the question like that in the future (in posed again by anyone). In the eyes of Canadian law, Tahir was innocent and did not commit any wrongdoing! Isn’t this a wonderful story? One needs to love Canada!

Another great thing is that as he got processed at the airport, he was handed over a document confirming that he held a coverage of the state health insurance. I need to admit, this really made my eyes teary. For the first time in his life, Tahir holds a right to free, comprehensive health care – something that many of us take for granted. How wonderful!

We already talked a few times, and Tahir is happy and recovering. He will soon start exploring his new city and country with his new friends and new friends to be made. Here again, I am very lucky, as I will have a chance to have a glimpse of how he is doing – I am arriving to Toronto to visit him – and his sponsors (my dear friends) on 11th September.

I would like to finalise this happy message by once again thanking you for all what you have done, and doing to support us in Tahir’s journey to freedom. You have touched my (and I guess Tahir’s) life in the most amazing ways. Thank you!

Tahir will now need to face new challenges – arranging his new life, becoming independent, getting a job, going to school... Some of these things will be hard, but above all extremely exciting and adventurous too!

While I will update you occasionally (I promise, less frequently now
😉), you are welcome to directly be in touch with Tahir. Should you wish to do so, please get in touch with me for his contact details.

Warmest regards and hugs to all,