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Archives (1st February 2016): What is wrong with all of us?!

The end of January has been busy. After having visited Mongolia, I went down to Phuket in southern part of Thailand to visit centres for the detailed people of Rohingya who flee Myanmar from the religious persecution.

Detention centres are always depressing, especially when one realises that more often than not, their inmates’ only crime is an attempt of running for their own lives. What I saw in southern Thailand saddened me to the point that made me feel disgusted of being a human being. Hundreds of men, women and children detained and left in a legal limbo. Unable to go back home, unable to live normally and without any prospects of finding a solution for their lives in a foreseeable future. All what they have, is the cells of their detention centres, and fear that these centres may remain their homes for years to come… Sadly, the more people try fleeing desperation from their homelands, the less we are able to show compassion and empathy, and less we are to make an effort to finding solutions that would work for all of us.

When I see this unspeakable suffering on one side, and growing nationalism and protectionism from those of us who are luckier and wealthier on the other, I feel that we are destined for a well deserved human catastrophe that will affect all of us. I feel that the differences between haves and non-haves are so great that are impossible to bridge anymore. We are destined to fail, and perhaps this is the only sensible solution that is left to us?