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Finishing my quarantine

A view from my quarantine hotel, Santiago, Chile, October 2021

For some reason the quarantine in Santiago has proved to be more difficult (emotionally) than I expected. It felt like it was a very long week, but luckily, today is the last day of my 'detention', and I will be able to move around as of tomorrow.

While being under my lock-down, I tried keeping myself busy. Except getting acquainted with documents and reports relating to the migration crisis in the north of the country, I have been busy studying Portuguese for my language exam. I also did watch quite a lot of Netflix movies, and did some plans for my next holiday!

You might be interested to know that at the beginning of November, I will be travelling to Toronto for 10 days, so that I can visit friends (including Tahir), and enjoy a bit of Canadian autumn. This should be lots of fun, and I am looking forward to this a great deal!

But before the Canadian adventure becomes a reality, I am still here in Chile. On Saturday, I am flying to the town of Arica (border with Peru), and then will be driving southwards to Iquique and finally to Antofagasta, visiting places where Venezuelan and Haitian migrants enter the country or gather during their journey to their desired destinations. After reaching Antofagasta, I will fly back to Santiago, so that I have my final debriefings before returning to Panama City.

Whenever I have a chance, I will update you on what I see, and I will try to post some pictures too.