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Memories: magnets from my various travels

Our office in Panama is still very new (barely 3 months old), but covers operations in Latin American and the Caribbean countries, which is, of course substantial, when it comes to geographical. Given the diversity of our area of responsibility (political, cultural, ethnical, national religious, climatic or geographical), our projects cover various thematic areas. So we look after the victims of internal conflicts, refugees fleeing for safety, victims of natural disasters, or disasters that are caused by industrial or agricultural activities (for example forestal fires). The magnitude of our work requires that we still need to adjust our resources to all projects in a way that we be effective and that some of us are not over-burdened. Last week, this is precisely what we tried doing. We looked at our job descriptions, and decided to make some fine-tuning. As a result, I got some extra tasks! Except for being responsible to lead the humanitarian responses to acute stresses in all of the countries of the region, I will also be in charge of following-up our longer term activities in Brazil and Argentina. I welcome the development of my job, and I am very excited with the new challenges!

On a personal note, I was also very busy in arranging my next trip, and I was finalising my tickets to travel to Toronto and Lisbon. In a little over three weeks, right after I return from my work related mission to Honduras, I am setting off for my vacations! Can't wait to meet Tahir and other friends in Canada, and very, very excited to be visiting my Portuguese home too!

As the elections in Poland are coming in 1 week, I keep on studying the programmes and manifestos of some of the parties that I consider supporting. Clearly, my preferences are on the left side of the political spectrum… the trouble is that the left side of the politics in Poland is fragmented and the choice is somehow complicated. Still a week to make a decision who I would like to represent me at the parliament, before casting my vote at the Embassy of Poland in Panama City.

Also, finally my stuff has arrived with the cargo shipment from Bangkok, and I got reunited with some of my favourite belongings, including my fridge magnets, which I will now proudly Winking display at my Panama flat again!