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Looking forward to holidays

Busy end of 2018, as well as dramatic events in Gdansk, Nairobi, and the UK, combined with 'usual' humanitarian issues in Southeast Asia wore me off. I am very tired, and I need holidays. I dream of time to spend with family and friends. In that sense, I am counting days for my trip to Krakow. I am already leaving in one week. Not too long at all!

The dramatic
events in Gdansk and their consequences on the political life in Poland made me very sad in many ways. The death of Adamowicz, unfortunately, is used for political gains of various parties and their leaders in the country and elsewhere within the EU. It all feels so wrong to read about it! Then, I also need to admit, I am inspired by people in the streets. Residents of Gdansk, of countless towns, villages and cities across the country seem to have come to conclusions that in order to survive as the community, we need to change something within our ourselves. People seem to underline that we need to be more respectful and kinder to one another, or else, we will head to the total meltdown of trust, and possible end up in an open conflict. Recent days showed an outpour of kindness, gestures of good will and support. Long-time enemies try giving it another chance to make up their differences; people reach out to people, whom normally differ from them. Very encouraging! Obviously, the question remains whether the trend persists beyond the time of grief? It might be a difficult task, if the politicians and the media are not going to join in, which I have difficulties to believe. Then again, it must be the people who need to apply the pressure, and perhaps the time has come?

To a large extent, whatever is happening in Poland, appears to be mirroring in the United Kingdom too. What Brexit has done to the communities in the British Isles appears to be horrific. Many people stick to their positions of what they believe is right, and too frequently, consider 'the others' with hostilities. Then, there seems to be a growing realisation that this is unsustainable and that people will need to find a way to glue the communities together, regardless of whatever happens politically. Watching this is painful, as too many people get hurt and lose their hope in humanity. I just hope things will turn out the best for the British people, and the chaos will create the new order that will work for most members of the community.

Needless to write that I was extremely saddened by the terror attacks in Nairobi. Kenya is one of the countries, which I know well, and where I spent a considerable amount of time of my life. Understandably, I have a soft spot for it, and therefore I feel even more discomfort than I would for a place that is well familiar to me.

We just need to hope that the crises frequently are the sources of new beginnings. And in this spirit, I will finish off my post tonight.