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COVID-19 vaccinations and plans for weeks to come

Casco Viejo, Panama, April 2021

I have just gotten back from my mini break to Costa Rica (see pictures here), and got some really good and encouraging news. I will be vaccinated against COVID! The news came on Friday, via WhatsApp. Panama has just received some additional doses of vaccines, and it appears that I got lucky to be selected for the next round! My first shot will be already tomorrow in the morning! Needless to say that I am very excited and hope that the vaccine is not going to make me feel dizzy or unwell. Fingers crossed!

As I get vaccinated, I imagine some of the things may become easier in terms of work and working trips. Also, as more people get vaccinated elsewhere, I really hope to be able to arrange for a trip to Portugal and Poland to visit friends and family and indeed to Canada to check of Tahir and friends there.

Work wise, it seems like, I will soon be travelling to Saint Vincent and Grenadines (in relation to recent explosion of a volcano) and perhaps to Honduras (monitoring of projects related to the recent hurricanes).

I guess, as all of you, I can't wait for some sort or normality returning to our lives. While, I am aware that it may not be that simple, and there are many things that the pandemic can still surprise us with, I remain optimistic!