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Archives (11th October 2015): Refugees unwanted

I am in a very bad mood. For last year, I have been trying to help one of the Pakistani asylum seekers (of Ahmadi origin) survive in Bangkok. The life of the asylum seekers in Bangkok is really difficult, and there is no exaggeration in a statement that every day is a struggle for survival. As you can imagine, the situation of religious minorities in Pakistan, especially of the Ahmadyyia origin is completely unacceptable. They do face extreme forms of persecution on daily basis. So when the Embassy of Poland in Bangkok decided not to help in relocation of my friend to Poland so that they could seek protection there, I clearly was disappointed. When I look at it, this is how I see it:

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Poland: I am beautiful, I am nice, I am compassionate, and I care for humanity! I am PERFECT!

Asylum seeker: Hello Poland! I run for my life, they wanted to kill me, they stole all I had, they burnt my shop where I worked. Now, it is still very hard. I can’t get work because who I am, they hate me and because of that they refuse me my documents, they refuse me going to hospital. I will die, if I am not helped. I am however happy that you Poland can help me!

Poland: Yes, we will protect you. We love humanity, we fight for the oppressed! You can ask for a protection in our country, and when we make sure that you tell us the truth, you will be able to stay with us, and we will help you! We are WONDEFRUL and HOSPITABLE people!

Asylum seeker: This is great. I am so lucky to have found you Poland! Please accept my application for an asylum!

Poland: But we cannot do it. You need to be in Poland to ask for that privilege.

Asylum seeker: I understand, then I can just go to Poland and ask for your protection there?

Poland: Yes, you just need a visa to get there, and apply for my protection there!

Asylum seeker: I am really happy to hear that! Please give me a visa then, so I can finally go and be listened to, by you wonderful people!

Poland: We can’t give you a visa.

Asylum seeker: But why? You told me that I could come and seek your protection… (tears in asylum seeker’s eyes).

Poland: Well, you do not have proper documents to apply for a visa.

Asylum seeker: But, I do not have these documents, because they would not give them to me. This is why I need your protection. They hate me in my country, and they harass me on every step of my life. They want to kill me, they will not give me documents that I need.

Poland: This is your problem, not mine. Next customer, please!

I am beautiful, I am nice, I am compassionate, and I care for humanity! I am PERFECT!