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Archives (24th September 2018): 'Kler': a movie that will shake Polish Catholic Church

I am sorry not to be in Poland next week. The country is preparing for the premiere of the latest movie by Wojciech Smarzowski called ‘Kler’ (Clergy) that is meant to be extremely critical of the Catholic Church in Poland - pointing out at ills and wrong-doings of the priests in the country. What I understand from the reviews, the movie talks about various pathologies within the institution in a very harsh way. Clearly the critics of the movie claim that the movie distorts the real pictures and is out of balance. Some people view the movie as an attack on traditional values of Poland and would like the film to be banned from the cinemas.

I wish I had a chance to view the movie to see for myself how the author presents his views, and I would be really interested to follow the debates that are likely to become very heated. I will certainly follow all of this on the internet.

For those interested, here is a link to the synopsis of the movie in English language (surely, the movie will be available with English subtitles sooner rather than later).