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Archvies (16th May 2016): Lots of unsettled and unsettling business

So far, May 2016 has been quite unsettling. Still lots of unknown with regard to Tahir. We had a number of meetings with the authorities of Poland, but also with people who try relocating him to Poland, but nothing conclusive yet. This is emotionally challenging, but I guess we just need to go through it.

My 1st attempt of passing the B2 Spanish exam is approaching fast. I am travelling to Manila in the Philippines this coming Friday. My exam will be at the Cervantes Institute of Manila on Saturday. I feel that I am poorly prepared, and it will be difficult to get a ‘pass’ mark. A good thing is that even if I fail, it will be a good experience to go through all tests. In any case, it will not hurt if you all keep your fingers crossed for me!