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Archives (2nd October 2016): Stuck in Moscow

This trip has been going far too smoothly… Finally, on the last stretch to Bangkok, Aeroflot has done it… they announced that the plane will leave Sheremietievo 2 hours late. Well, good news is that I have a moment to write to you briefly.

Last few weeks have been very busy and exciting. I should write more properly on each of it, but given that writing at the airport is not so comfortable, just some highlights:

1. We are at the end of the application process for Tahir’s relocation visa to Canada. A pre-condition for that was to fundraise at least €8.000 for a bond/deposit to be paid to the Government of Canada. Pleased to tell you that through amazing generosity of many of you, we have managed to collect all the money (and more)!

2. The Triplex Simulation (response to a disaster) has been very interesting. I met lots of new and interesting people (and some old friends too). And yes, Norwegian countryside is amazingly beautiful!

3. Poland continues to depress me. The recent developments in the country make me hate my own state. On the other hand, there is some amazing resistance to some of the most depressing total abortion plans by the amazing women… Go on and discover all about #blackprotest.

4. October will be busy. I will just get back to Bangkok to travel to Brussels soon after. All will be documented and reported!