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Drums of war

FA35E2BD-318B-459D-8D9A-FFF4DDF2172E_1_105_cPrzemysl, the town near to Ukrainian border, Poland, October 2006

I am in Asuncion of Paraguay at the moment, where I am preparing for the mission inside the country so that I am able to understand a bit better the country's systems related to being prepared to disasters (especially related to droughts, fires and flash floods).

While I try concentrating on this, my mind is distracted to what happens in Ukraine and Europe. The invasion of Russia of Ukraine is heart breaking to say the least. All wars are horrifying and as you know, I have a direct personal experience of many. It is a first time however that an actual war is happening so close to my own home. Reports indicate that bombs are falling some 30 kms away from the border of Poland. While, Poland is still relatively safe, as it seems, the situation leaves me think of how fragile peace is and how vulnerable we all are, regardless of where we live in the world. The situation also makes me think of how unfair the world is. While the invasion of Ukraine is the most horrific, people encounter similar sufferings in many other parts of the world too, and sadly we are too little aware of this, or perhaps we choose to close our eyes to wars, which seem not to affect us directly.