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Archives (17th June 2018): FIFA World Cup fever

So the month of life disruption has started. Many of my colleagues and friends are now all excited about what happens in Russia: about scores, matches and all kind of drama related to teams losing or winning. I dislike football, especially what is associated with football: explosions of national pride, competition, obscene amount of money that the championships involve. I do however recognise that lots of people like it, and are excited about the games, so I will try adapting and I just hope that it will pass quickly and that I will not be too annoyed in the process ☺️.

After a considerable amount of time in Dhaka, I am now back to Bangkok for a little over a week. While being here, I managed to have my medical check-up and start planning a possible departure of Tahir from Thailand. We are still not there yet, but with the Embassy of Canada advising us that his case is now having a final review by the resettlement officer, things may go very fast, and we need to be prepared for things to be developing within days, or weeks.

I am feeling very tired these days… too many things happen too unexpectedly and fast. I am therefore glad that I will have a week off at the end of June (after returning from Bangladesh). Together with Tahir, we started looking at the map of Thailand planning what we may want to do. It may well be one of the last trips in this country together, if he indeed departs for Canada soon!