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Archives (27th November 2018): An attack on Ukraine stuns Europe

Last few days prove to be exciting in politics in eastern part of Europe. Sadly, there is an escalation of conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Yesterday’s attack of the Russian navy on Ukrainian ships complicates the relations between the two countries even further. Where is it going to stop? How much more will be tolerated? Things do not appear optimistic, and I worry that the latest is yet another step towards the major conflict between the two nations, and quite possible other countries.

Then, there is some surprising developments in Poland too. The Government of Poland was heavily criticised by the Ambassador of the United States in Warsaw for their attempts to silence the free media in the country. What is however really interesting in this development is that the criticism comes from the US administration that is much admired and loved by the present ruling regime in Poland. The authorities in Warsaw are stunned… and not quite know what is worse… a fact that they got criticised in a first place, or a fact that the criticism comes from Trump’s nominated ambassador. Personally, I am really surprised, and perhaps even shocked to admit that I am actually grateful to the US Ambassador to defend the freedom of speech in Poland… Who would have guessed that I would admit something like that? Life is indeed full of complexities and paradoxes.

As an update from Bangkok. I have just finished packing, as I am preparing for travelling to Indonesia again. I am off to Jakarta for three days tomorrow. It will be an interesting trip, as I will be on meetings with the Government of Indonesia, discussing the lessons learnt from the latest humanitarian response to the earthquake in Sulawesi.