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Archives (29th November 2015): One year in Thailand

Today is my 1st anniversary of arriving to Thailand. It is quite spectacular how quickly the time goes, and also how many things and experiences one can get within 1 year! I need to say that however odd it sounds, it has been a very difficult year. Getting used to living in a country, where there is no active war is actually difficult. People in peaceful societies function differently. When not confronted with existential choices on daily basis, people put priorities to values and issues that I have difficulties in comprehending. So yes, the adjustments of living here after years in South Sudan are not easy. Then, this year in many ways is also wonderfully nice. My new job involves a great deal of travelling to the most amazing places. Within this year, for the first time in my life I visited places such as Mongolia, South Korea, North Korea, or the Philippines. I also travelled to a number of other places that I had visited before too. Then, there are new friends too! All friends are special, and would require attention here, but I will just mention about Tahir… the guy that I already talked about in my previous post, an amazing young man from Pakistan, who has impressed me and so many others in his struggle of finding safety and normality after the nightmares that he had gone through in his native Pakistan. My highest tribute goes to him and to all people fleeing humiliation in their homelands. My highest respect to all refugees that run for the lives of their families and their own.