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Archives (22nd November 2017): Mission complete

It is time to go back to Bangkok. After 2 weeks of a hectic programme, my mission to support the Rohingya refugee crisis in Bangladesh is coming to its end (some pictures from this experience can be found here). Leaving Bangladesh will bring new challenges. With the most recent volcano eruption in Bali of Indonesia, and abuses of rights of refugees in South East Asian countries, I am surely to be busy.

After a week spent in Bangkok, I will be travelling to Portugal for a quick visit home in Obidos. While, I will need to be involved in some administrative work, I am looking forward to chill out for a bit.

Together with Tahir, we are getting excited, as December is likely to be marked with a visit of 2 of his Canadian resettlement sponsors. I think, it is so great to know that he will have a chance to get to know and interact a bit more with people that will support him, when he finally reaches Toronto.

Finally, I will also be travelling to Myanmar in December too. Clearly, the visit is related to the Rohingya crisis too.

It appears, December we will not slow down in December!