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News from Washington DC

The US Capitol, Washington DC, USA, March 2024

This time around, I am writing from my hotel room in Washington DC. It is raining, and grey, but I am enjoying the weather a lot. It reminds me of Europe, and I have missed the atmosphere that this kind of weather brings. One cannot experience it in the tropics of Venezuela where I am based now.

As you may remember, I am here in the US for professional meetings. While I was quite busy during most of yesterday and day before yesterday, I had a good chance to have some feeling of the city, as I decided to walk walk between my hotel and meetings' venues rather than using a public transportation.

I am surprised by the US capital. I imagined the city with lots of skyscrapers that you see in most of the US cities, but I am learning that they are not allowed here. Consequently, the buildings are not high. Some of them are still huge, but not too high, which makes the city look attractive, I think.

Today is my day off, as it is Saturday, so I will take a chance to explore the city more properly. I am determined to do so despite the rain… Forecasts say that it should stop raining in the afternoon, so perhaps I will not get too wet.

I am leaving for Panama City tomorrow. I am having meetings in my regional office on Monday, and I am then back to Caracas on Tuesday evening.

In the middle of March, I will be in Brussels (for work), so as yo can see, I can't complain of being bored.

And if you are curious to look at some of the pictures from Washington DC and Panama City,
you are welcome to visit this link.