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Archives (26th March 2016): Easter on the move

Easter of 2016 has arrived. In Thailand, not celebrating Christian traditions, it is not a big tradition, and one can hardly notice that Easter is around. I like Easter though, and I like some of the traditions that Easter brings. As a little boy, I clearly loved painting eggs, and I enjoyed watching the others doing it too. I confess that I did not paint eggs today, but I did however boiled some and I had eggs for breakfast. It did feel somehow special!

It is a Saturday evening now, and my mind is preparing to my next trip. Tomorrow, I am going to start travelling to Timor Leste, a tiny country in the Pacific, north of Australia. The country, where I have never been before, and which allegedly experiences one of the worst droughts in its entire history. Given my job, you might have guessed that I am going there to see how bad the situation is and to investigate whether there is anything that my organisation could do to help the local communities to cope.

Travelling to Dili, the capital of Timor Leste is a lengthy business. Even if it is not too far away from Bangkok, it will take 24 hours of planes and transits, before I set my foot on Timor Leste’s soil. Bangkok - Singapore (10 hours waiting) - Darwin (8 hours waiting) and finally Dili on Monday night. Exhausting but an interesting trip.
I will be reporting what I will have seen. Before this happens, wishing yo all Happy Easter!