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Archives (25th June 2016): Keep calm, you are getting old

The outcome of the recent parliamentary elections in Poland, near-win situation of the extreme right wing presidential candidate in Austria, winning of Duterte in the Philippines, popularity of Trump in the USA, fall of Venezuela due to insane nationalistic policies, extreme right government in Brazil, perceptions of Europeans, Australians and South East Asians towards the refugees… All this is happening right now give me clear indications that my world is falling. The values that seem to be running high are in contrary to what I believe constitute ‘goodness’ and ‘decency’. I find it difficult to find my own space in this new reality that is emerging and not sure how to handle it. It just struck me that perhaps, I am just experiencing the first symptoms of getting old? Perhaps, what is happening here is just my ‘mid-life’ crisis, where I can’t agree with new realities, and a fact that the world is moving on, and that what I believe in, is actually unimportant, or perhaps only important to me? Why would I not recognise that these guys who believe in ‘Britain First, Poland for Poles, or follow the mantras of Duterte are wrong? There is a reason why they feel the way they feel… a fact that I am failing comprehending it is my problem. Perhaps it is just me ageing, and it is time to accept it, start withdrawing, shut my mouth up, and let the others steer the world. One can not stop the time, and perhaps it is time for me to truly embrace this simple fact of life.