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Archives (5th November 2016): November: A month of celebrations

However you look at it, I have turned 44! Crazy to realise that I am half way through in my forties. I still feel to be a child, a child of my parents at least!

November is filled with anniversaries for me. It is also a month of my name day, and more importantly a month of both birthday and name day of my mother. Lots of reasons to celebrate!

It is now official that on 22nd November, I will be travelling to Bangladesh for 3 weeks. I am excited to go there, as the projects that we run in the country are very interesting. Also, I have to admit that I have a soft spot for Bangladesh. The place is so nice and the people are so friendly. Definitely looking forward to be going there. The arrangement is that I will be working between Bangladesh and Thailand for some months to come. While I will spend most of my time in Dhaka (and other locations in the country), I will also be visiting Bangkok once every month. This will allow me to catch up on my regional duties, and on the personal level to make sure that I visit Tahir regularly.

Writing about Tahir, we have some small reasons to celebrate. After lots of administrative work, and lots of convincing, we managed to submit his application for a resettlement visa to Canada. Now, we just need to keep our fingers crossed, and hope that we will receive some positive news from the Canadian authorities. This will take a while, but still excited with the progress.

We also managed to identify some lawyers in Australia, whom we approached to seek their help in re-submission of his application there. While waiting for the news from Canada, we will now be working on his new application to Australia.

It is still raining a lot here in Bangkok, but we are slowly approaching to the end of this year’s rainy season. Soon, it should become a bit dryer. December and January are some of the nicest parts of the year. It is not too hot yet, and it is dry… Looking forward to it!