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Archives (26th July 2015): In a holiday mood

I am going to travelling for my holidays in 4 days, and I am certainly in my holiday mood now! It has been an enjoyable, but certainly busy 3 months, and I am looking forward to some free time in Spain and Poland! Although, when I am in Spain, I will actually be studying (I will be a student of a language school) in the mornings, it is still a nice prospect… using Spanish and enjoying sites of Gran Canaria, and then visiting my parents and friends in Nowy Sacz should be pleasant enough.

In the meanwhile, things here in Asia are mixed. While all goes well in my personal life, things do not necessarily go so well, when it comes to the countries which I follow. The problems of the Muslim communities in Myanmar are as severe as they have ever been, and the effects climatic consequences of ‘El Niño’ suggest that we will be having some really busy times in North Korea (drought), the Philippines (drought and cyclones) and across number of islands in the Pacific. At this stage, it is the North Korea that makes me worried the most. Lack of rains have quite devastating effects on rice and maize production, and if rains do not come, we may be heading to a very serious food situation at the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016.

It sounds like it will be a very busy end of 2015, so I’d better make sure that I switch off from work and relax during my 2 weeks of holidays, so that I do not get too tired too quickly later. However, whatever happens, I will be in touch!