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Archives (8th May 2015): Back to Bangkok soon

May holidays in Europe is great, but it is time to start thinking of going back to work. After a week in Poland, I am now packing, and preparing to travel back to Thailand this weekend. While, I have really enjoyed staying with my family, hiking, visiting friends, and sightseeing; I am very annoyed by the politics in Poland. The country is in the middle of the presidential campaign, and the hopefuls for the job try convincing Poles to vote for them. Many of our presidential candidates seem to favour xenophobia, lack of respect for the natural environment, and a total lack of respect of diversity of any kind (religious, racial, political, etc.). Personally, I am saddened by this, and feel uncomfortable with the level of political scene in Poland. In that sense, I am glad to be leaving the country, so that I can focus on my work, and forget about the language of hatred that I hear all around me.