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Archives (13th December 2015): Looking for a new motherland

You may remember from my previous post that I decided to move out from Poland, or I should say, officially quit Polish residency. Possibly, it may prove to be more difficult than I would like, and perhaps, I will not succeed at the end, but at this stage, I am determined to try! My search for my new motherland (fatherland) continues. I have researched and enquired various people on possible options. As I see the world today, and look at where I could feel comfortable, my favourite choice of migration would be Canada, but realistically my personal situation will not allow me to get there, so I need to assume that Canada is not an option after all. Some of the EU countries may however work. So far, I have made enquires in Romania, Malta, Portugal, Spain and Ireland. Given the responses from immigration lawyers, my language skills and also my contacts with various countries, so far my priorities are as follows: 1. Portugal, 2. Spain, 3. Malta, 4. Romania, 5. Ireland. I could also easily imagine moving to a place like Iceland or Estonia, but I have no clear understanding of how easy or difficult it is to settle there. On top of that if I ever decide to apply for a new citizenship, I guess I would have lots of trouble learning Estonian or Icelandic… I therefore may stick to either English, Spanish or Portuguese speaking countries. Then, I also looked at the citizenship programme in Peru. It may be an expensive option, but then I have such a soft spot for Latin America, and Peru seems to be quite welcoming to the idea of inviting new citizens. A clear advantage is that one can successfully apply for the Peruvian citizenship within two years, which is relatively quick. Who knows, you may soon refer to me as Peruvian? Winking