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Archives (16th January 2016): Dzud

‘Dzud’ is a weather phenomenon that is particular to Mongolia. It basically refers to sever winter, cold snaps that occur in steps of Mongolia and are so harsh that claim lives of domestic animals. Although dzuds are not uncommon in the country, when they are particularly strong, they may cause humanitarian crises. Indeed, when too many animals die - this affects the ability of the local communities to feed themselves.The climatic changes that the world experiences makes the dzuds more dangerous. It seems like this year may be particularly bad. The preliminary reports suggest that the El Niño has has sent extremely cold weather across the country, and this threatens the well-being of many people.

Next week, I will be travelling to Ulaanbaatar and some provinces outside of the city to check what could be done to ease the people’s suffering to the crisis. We hope that we will be able to roll out the response that will be helpful to people that need it! I will keep you posted on the outcomes of the mission, as soon as I can.