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Archives (8th September 2018): Setting off for the trip to Poland and Canada

After a busy August and beginning of September, I am starting my holiday. Today, I am spending my day packing, so that I will set off for the trip to Krakow tomorrow. I will be with my mother for a few days, and then I will travel further to Toronto to see Tahir and friends! Very exciting indeed!

As I start my trip, I am confronted with a new challenge. Someone appears to have stolen my identity and uses it to take bank credits on my name in Poland. Considerable amount of money has been stolen from me… Scary thing is that credits were taken long time ago, but I only found out yesterday. The lawyer is on it, and she has started taking steps to fix the mess, but it is extremely stressful, and completely ruined my finances for now. The lesson is, never trust your banks - they seem to be able to sell your personal details, which are then misused.

Although setting off for holidays, I am not very happy at all.