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Archives (9th November 2018): Impressions from Sulawesi and Lombok of Indonesia

It is Friday evening, and I am trying to chill in my Bangkok flat after an exhausting, and quite emotional trip to Indonesia. You may remember from my previous posts that I went there to visit the humanitarian programmes that my organisations supports in earthquake/tsunami struck areas of Sulawesi and Lombok. Both of the islands have been severely affected and many of the communities undergo extremely tough set-backs that will take years to deal with.

The humanitarian response, despite heroic efforts of some organisations, is not adequate and is of bad quality. I have a strong feeling that the people are let down by their own government and organisations that are mandated to help victims of such calamities. My journey has brought me a very sad picture: both when it comes to destruction and human cost caused by the disaster, and when considering how poor the response to the needs of the people is. We should all need to answer some tough questions, what we are learning from these situations, and how we will be doing things better in the future…

I have take some new pictures in Sulawesi and Lombok. If you are interested to have a look, please click here to view the gallery.

Finally, I am travelling to London on Monday, and will be in the United Kingdom for 4 days. I will report to you, what I will be doing there soon, so please tune in!