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Preparing for the presidential elections in Poland

Chancery of the President of Poland, Warsaw, Poland, July 2019

Yesterday, the registration of citizens wishing to vote for the Polish President, outside of the country was opened (in case, you are Polish living abroad, and wish to register yourself, so that you can vote, you may do so by clicking at this link). The first round of the elections is scheduled to be on 28th June 2020. As I am lucky enough to live in the country, where there is a diplomatic mission of Poland, it is relatively easy for me to vote. All in all, if there are no unexpected disturbances, I should be able to cast my vote soon!

In the meanwhile, after 5 days of easing up, the Government of Panama has return to the full lockdown of residents of Panama City.
Again, we are not allowed to leave our houses/apartments, except for food shopping and emergencies (every other day). While I feel frustrated and disappointed, it is not about me. What we are all very worried about is the situation of the poorest residents in the country (Panamanian and migrants), who frequently find themselves without means to live. We just need to hope that the government has some tangible plans to support those, who really need it now.