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Archives (9th January 2016): Portugal

My first few days of 2016 are not the happiest I have had. What happens in Poland continues to make me feel really down and unhappy. The more I see what the direction of reforms of the new government, and indeed the public support that they receive, the more I feel alienated from that country. There is so little that I can associate myself in Poland these days. Yes, I have some wonderful family and friends in the country, and therefore I will always have a soft spot for the place, but emotionally I am detaching myself from Poland more and more. The social and political changes in the country frighten me. Poland has not been a particularly open society in the modern history, but now I feel it is becoming increasingly xenophobic and unfriendly towards foreigners, sexual minorities, people that do not conform with what is widely regarded as ‘traditional Catholic’.

As I feel so unhappy about the state of affairs at home, I think that it is only fair that I leave and try arranging my base/home in a place where I feel more at ease. In recent weeks, I have done quite some preparations towards moving to Portugal. Nothing is finalised yet, and therefore I am not holding my breath, but it looks like in some weeks’ time I will be able to transfer my ‘habitual residence’ to Lisbon! While, a bit sad about leaving Nowy Sacz, I am excited to start investing energy in getting to know ma adoptive city a bit better! I will keep you all updated on how it goes!