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Archives (22nd August 2018): Going to the Pacific

After rather eventful and tiring few weeks, I am setting off on the road again. On Saturday, together with my colleague, I am flying to Fiji and the Tonga in the Pacific. We will be visiting the humanitarian project that we supported after the cyclone hit the island of Tonga last March.

Later, after the visit to the Pacific, I transfer to Bangkok to repack and will continue immediately to the Philippines. The northern part of the country, Luzon is severely affected with very extensive floods. Again, together with my colleague, we will be visiting the affected communities to ensure that our support is well spent/used there.

After the Philippines, I am going to start my holiday. All should be very exciting, as I am planning to visit my Mum in Krakow and then travel to Toronto where I will check on Tahir and visit my dear friends there!

I will be reporting from various places, whenever I have a chance!