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Two months to go...

I have just purchased my ticket to Krakow. I am flying out of Thailand in two months… flying out of Thailand for the last time, at least, while deployed here with my present organisation. Looking at the flight booking, once again, made me realised, how fast time flies. I have been in Asia well over 4 years, but it feels like if I just came here yesterday. Then again, so much has happened, so many memories, so many adventures. I will surely remember my time in Bangkok and in Asia very fondly.

Holding my ticket to Krakow also made me realise, how much work I still need to do before I depart, both professionally and on a personal level. Need to think about the logistics: packing, closing my Thai bank account, arrange for a shipment of my goods from here to Panama City. Then I need to ensure that people, who are dependent on me here in Bangkok (especially my housekeeper) have clarity over what will happen to them and that they will not need to suffer financially, when I am gone… This, in fact, is the most stressful part, but still manageable - indeed things should somehow work out.

I am also excited. I am clearly happy by the prospect of working in the Americas soon. Before that happens though, I will spend some time in Europe with family and friends! There are many attractive plans for this break arranged already, but one of the main highlights is that Tahir may be able to visit us all the way from Toronto. We still have not received his Schengen visa, but the prospects are positive. We should be able to successfully secure it, and he should be able to visit.

Work-wise, lots of things to do as well. Except following up on my usual responsibilities, I am planning for my handover briefings, and reports to ensure the smoothest possible transfer of responsibilities to the person that will come and do my present job, when I am gone.

With all of these preparations to take place, I am following up on the politics in the EU. We are having EU Parliament elections coming in 2 weeks, so I am trying to make my final decisions on whom I will vote for. Listening to the politicians in Poland and the rest of the EU is quite frustrating though. Most of the time, people seem to be highlighting the ills of the others, rather than focusing on what they are planning to do themselves. I guess, this is a reality in many places though.