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Packing to go back home and start preparing for Christmas

The visit to the Philippines is coming to its end, and it is time to start packing again, and start preparing for a trip back to Bangkok.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the Philippines this time around. The visit to northern Luzon proved to be inspiring. I was very pleased to see how our partners try help the victims of the recent typhoon to get back on their feet. Visiting solid projects that make difference to people who need assistance to recover from total destruction of their homes and livelihoods makes you feel happy and motivated.

The stay in Manila proved useful and interesting too. Meetings with colleagues over preparedness to disasters in 2019, as well as opportunities
to explore the older parts of Manila have been great highlights of the stay.

Now, it is time to prepare for Christmas and New Year celebrations. This year, I will be in Thailand, celebrating with friends and colleagues in Bangkok. I hope that, it will be a quiet time, with opportunities to meet and cherish each other's company!