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Europe Day Party

Europe Day Party, Panama City, Panama, May 2023

Working for the EU institution affords me the privilege of participating in Europe Day celebrations. As May begins, it's time once again to celebrate and prepare for the festivities.

Being in Venezuela this time, we're hosting a party in Caracas. We anticipate a gathering of around 350 people from various institutions, including representatives from the Government of Venezuela, accredited embassies in the country (including all EU Member States), representatives from the UN, and national and international NGOs.

The theme for this year's celebration is 'United in Diversity'. The event will consist of official proceedings and cultural performances. Following renditions of the anthems of Venezuela and Europe (Ode of Joy) during the official segment, there will be a series of speeches. However, I'm particularly excited about the cultural segment. We're looking forward to a performance of the Czech national dance (given that the party is being held at the Czech residence), pop songs from each of the EU Member States, and finally, a Drag Show, which aims to highlight our commitment to diversity, including gender diversity.

It goes without saying that all EU countries represented in Venezuela will be showcasing their national dishes and beverages!

I'll endeavour to capture moments through photographs and will share them with you. Stay tuned for updates!