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Rainy season, rainy mood

Staircase at my flat in Casco Viejo, Panama City, June 2020

I have not been writing extensively these days. I am in a bad mood. The extension of confinement in Panama, without much hope of that it would ease-up until August 2020; the horribly chauvinistic, anti-LGBT discourse coming from the authorities in Poland; their attempts of demonising refugees (yet again); depressing news from Brasil, Venezuela, Colombia and most of Latin America in regards to people's suffering from ever-growing COVID-19 pandemic… all makes me numb, discouraged and not very animated to write and stay in touch.

I realise that I am not positive and need to find a source of some energy. Before that happens, I will be a bit quitter for a while. Listening to some music, watching some news, and doing some reading should do the trick Winking!

Please bear with me until then, stay well and keep in touch, when you can!