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First moments in Venezuela

Arriving to the airport of Caracas, Venezuela, August 2023

My time in Europe (and in Africa for that matter) has come to the end, as my holidays finished. I am now in Caracas, starting a new chapter of my life: 4 years humanitarian deployment for ECHO.

Those of you who know me are all aware how excited I am to be able to live and work in this country. As usual, I will be updating you on my experiences and adventures.
To start with, I have created a photo album, where I will be posting new pictures from the country throughout 2023.

But before Venezuela, I also wanted to underline how wonderful holidays
I managed to have in Poland and Madagascar. I spent tones of time with Mum and I really loved it. She is such a great travel companion. Very special.

I also did travel a bit for work (trip to Warsaw to get my Venezuelan visa).
I appreciated it and experience this amazing city that is changing so rapidly and in a way that is absolutely phenomenal.

I also had an amazing treat in Bardejov of Slovakia,
as I met there unexpectedly my two wonderful friends, who live in Australia, but were on a family visit to Kosice.

Finally, I had a chance to spend a little over a day in Lisbon, while travelling to Caracas.
Lisbon, as usual, impressed me with her beauty and made me fall in love with the city and Portugal even more!